Welcome to Saint Aphraim

St. Aphraim of Washington DC A Syriac Orthodox Church website. Syriac Orthodox Churches are one of the most ancient Christian Churches tracing its roots to the Church of Antioch. The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts of the Apostles 11:26). Apostle Peter is believed to have established a church in Antioch in AD 37, the remnants of which are still in Antakya (the modern name of Antioch), Turkey.

We invite you to join us in prayers on our Sunday service at 11 am. Throughout this site, you will find information regarding our Church activities and events. Saint Aphraim Church is located in Alexandria, VA. If you would like directions to our Church please click here.

We thank you for dropping by our website today. We look forward to seeing you at our Church or at our upcoming events.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, December 8: Deacon Ordination Ceremony by his Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim.
  • Sunday, December 15: Christmas Party from 5 to 10 PM at Baladna restaurant.
  • Sunday, December 22: Youth Chorale.
  • Wednesday, December 25: Christmas Liturgy at 11 AM.
  • Wednesday, January 1: New Year Liturgy at 11 AM.

  • Sunday service starts at 11:00 am.
  • Sunday School starts at 11:15 for our first level class (ages 5-7). Kids from ages 8 to 11 attend the second level class at 12:00 pm. Third level class for kids aged from 12 to 15 starts at 1:00 pm.